Welcome Raphaël PONSARD!

IROC Technologies is excited to welcome our newcomer, Raphaël PONSARD!

With a wealth of experience in software development for large-scale projects and a profound expertise in cutting-edge technologies such as GPU-assisted data analysis and RDMA, Raphaël’s skills promise to greatly benefit IROC.

He will be joining the SoCFIT team, specializing in SoC-level soft-error analysis and mitigation, where he will contribute to accelerating tool improvement and validation processes.

He got his first diploma at the ENSIMAG Grenoble INPG, one of France’s premier engineering institutions, specialized in computer science, applied mathematics and telecommunications. After teaching CS for 25 years, he took a new direction, completing his PhD (GIPSALAB – UGA) in 2020 while working at the European Synchrotron (ESRF-EBS the first 4th generation X ray source). His research focused on High Throughput Low Latency Online Image Processing by GPU/FPGA Data Coprocessors using RDMA Techniques, mitigating bottlenecks encountered while transferring/processing data at the pace of new X ray detectors.

We are excited to Raphaël’s incredible contribution to IROC’s success.

Welcome to IROC!