Soft Error Detection
for Safety Critical Applications


Awareness of vehicle reliability increasingly influences new vehicle purchasing decisions.

According to J.D Power’s 2022 U.S. Auto avoider study, “Reliability is one of the top purchase reasons, up to 59 % in 2022, and vehicle reliability continues to be a top concern among buyers.”

Vehicle reliability is currently at an all-time high and it has turned the attention towards the semiconductor industry. Developing innovative Integrated Circuits is now becoming one of the biggest costs in automotive production and will accelerate with the rise of electrical and hybrid vehicles. The technology for seamless transitions between electric and combustion engines is extremely complex to develop. Furthermore, for safety reasons, controlling electric motors requires higher safety standards compared to combustion engines. Advanced features such as autonomous driving, active anti-collision systems, and over-the-air updates demand significantly more ASICs and power components.

Develop high-reliability automotive SoC with IROC Technologies.


The aerospace industry demands a high level of reliability and safety such as airplanes, spacecraft, missiles, satellites, and military aircraft. 

Soft errors in Integrated Circuit can cause fatal failures to a component as follows:

Related companies invest heavily in advanced solutions to simulate, detect, and prevent soft errors starting from the design phase through chip delivery. It is particularly important to detect and correct soft errors as early as possible to reduce costs and Time to Market for aerospace applications since it often involves expensive and complex systems.

Fulfill tough reliability requirements from the final user or system integrator through an integrated solution of IROC Technologies.


Implantable medical devices and supporting infrastructures for heart diseases, neurological disorders, and chronic pain, are critical to improve quality of life and survival of people with a variety of conditions. These devices must be highly reliable and meet stringent requirements over the life expectancy of the device.

To ensure that the functional reliability of your devices meets the highest standards under conditions such as extreme temperatures, pressure, and humidity, IROC Technologies products and services will:

Soft Error Detection for safety critical applications


High-Performance Computing applications are currently required by many industries including automotive, healthcare, aerospace, robotics, and more to solve complex problems and perform critical calculations with high accuracy and high reliability. Ensuring reliable HPC systems, especially in safety-critical fields, is crucial to avoid grave consequences for human life and the environment.

Soft Error Detection for safety critical applications

It is imperative to predict and mitigate potential soft errors in the SoC to minimize issues that could result in HPC application failures. IROC Technologies solutions can: 

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Solutions for functional reliability and unique radiation expertise, Soft Error Detection for safety critical applications

Soft Error Detection for safety critical applications

Soft Error Detection for safety critical applications - IROC

Soft Error Detection for safety critical applications automotive, aerospace, medical, HPC against radiation effects - IROC TECHNOLOGIES