Enhancing automotive electronics reliability with IROC Technologies’ EDA solutions

IROC Technologies is happy to release the contributed article with the topic of enhancing automotive electronics reliability with IROC Technologies’ EDA solutions.

The automotive industry demands high reliability and safety of electronic systems. This is especially true as vehicles increasingly rely on advanced electronics for features such as autonomous driving. IROC Technologies offers unique Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools, TFIT and SoCFIT, to improve the reliability of these systems.

TFIT specializes in cell-level soft error analysis and provides fast (up to 100X) and accurate simulations to ensure component reliability before production. It supports a variety of radiation environments, works with leading foundries, and provides detailed reports for design optimization.

SoCFIT extends soft error analysis to the System-on-Chip (SoC) level, providing rapid simulation (>1000X) and detailed error impact assessment. This helps designers meet rigorous standards, reduce design costs, and accelerate development.

Both tools are critical to the evolving automotive market by improving the reliability and safety of automotive electronics, accelerating design cycles, and improving cost efficiencies.

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