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Transistor/Cell-level Fault Simulation Tools and Services

TFIT™: Cell Level Soft Error Analysis

TFIT Ressources


Whether it is to fully characterize quickly a whole cell library for Soft Error sensitivity at every corner, or to design a new Flip Flop with better immunity to external radiations, TFIT has all the needed features:
– neutron impact analysis (terrestrial flux, or other customized spectrum)
– alpha particle, thermal neutrons, heavy ions impact
– Single bit upset or multi bit upset analysis
– automatic GDS2 analysis for layout parameters extraction
– charge sharing effect
– Angular impact analysis

The tool is offered through SW licensing or as a design service from IROC experts.
TFIT licensees can get access to specific technology models by contacting their foundry (our partners) for process from 65nm to FinFET.


  • Very fast Soft Error prediction EDA tool: seconds to minutes for complex simulations
  • Works for memories, FF, registers, combinational cells
  • Accurate results: within 15 % of silicon test results
    for many radiation environments
  • Extensive report: detail of FIT per transistor. Mapping
    of cell sensitivity per particles’ LET. Helpful for quick
    design improvement
  • Services available – to be performed at IROC or within your design environment with remote access for IROC engineers

Heavy Ion Strike – normal incidence angle



Heavy Ion Strike – 80 degree incidence angle

Required INPUT:

  • Cell netlist (including parasitic elements)
  • Process node
  • Spice model of transistors
  • Layout information (from GDS2 or equivalent)
  • Specific environment (neutrons, alpha particles, heavy ions)
  • Application information: Vdd, clock frequency, ECC

TFIT has been co-financed by the European Union.