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Soft Error Rate (SER) Testing Solutions

Radiation testing

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IROC Technologies has the most experienced, reactive and flexible team of radiation test engineers for semiconductor devices. For the past 15 years, they’ve been providing turn key test solutions for most of the semiconductor industry’s needs  for reliability to radiations.

IROC Technologies accelerated test services provide the semiconductor industry with fast and accurate method of SER test and analysis for any digital device. Our expertise, results database and EDA tools are used in support to these tests to provide our customers with the market’s most accurate and exhaustive characterization of the tested device.

We measure the FIT (failure in time) rate of standalone components including memories, ASICs, FPGAs, FF as well as devices (SSD) and whole systems (mother board, servers, routers) using accelerated particles sources (fast neutrons , thermal neutrons, heavy ions, alpha particles, protons, muons, gamma rays….) for soft error, Latch Up, or total ionizing dose sensitivity.

With hundreds of successful campaigns in the past 15 years, we are the market’s most trusted advisor you can rely on to provide the best service in terms of flexibility, accuracy, quality of results and technical support.

Key features:

  • Full compatibility to JEDEC JESD standards and MIL/ESA methods
  • Turn key solution for whole systems to components
  • Accelerated tests simulate in a few minutes the radiation impact of a lifetime in the field
  • Expertise in monitoring accelerated particle facilities environment
  • Flexible and dedicated hardware, test algorithms and powerful datalogs analysis tools
  • Schedule reduces your time to market
  • Expertise and consulting on your test needs, operations and results
  • Tests only at qualified facilities for the best service quality.