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Today, standalone computing applications are excessively rare as we rely heavily on telecommunication and networking systems. Accordingly, their reliability becomes an important design and manufacturing parameter.

The dependability of modern networks relies on:

  • availability – the system (network / network device) is operational when needed
  • reliability – the system functions correctly
  • maintainability – repairs can bring the failed system in an usable state

Microelectronic components play a fundamental role in ensuring the reliability of the network system. However, technical, applicative and environmental challenges trouble the continuous evolution of today’s complex and fast networking systems.

Faults, errors and failures will affect the availability and reliability of the networking systems and devices. They can cause various effects, from intermittent data errors – easily detectable and correctable through protocol or software approaches to permanent failures that requires maintenance.

The requested availability of networking systems and devices is often set in stone through complex Service-Level Agreements. Tough availability targets (including the famous 5’9s) must be fulfilled under pain of financial penalties and loss of customer confidence.

Through the last 15 years, IROC accompanied all the partners from the networking industry to analyse, measure, test and improve the quality of their offering. We have worked with material suppliers, IP designers, ASIC providers, system integrators to ensure that their networking ASICs, boards and systems perform reliably and safely.