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Dr. Michael Nicolaidis

Behind the creation of a unique company with its disruptive technology lies a visionary researcher. Behind “iRoc Technologies there is Dr. Michael Nicolaidis, research director at the CNRS (Centre National de Research Scientific) and attached to the TIMA laboratory (Grenobl Alpes University).

Dr. Nicolaidis’ research covers the wide area of ​​integrated circuit reliability, where he has studied the self-testing and self-repair of embedded memory, fault tolerance, and the identification and analysis of reliability problems in the various devices and systems as well as the solutions to protect them. His vision of the importance of the results of his research for the industry, guided him to found iRoc, with its offer of inter-layer reliability analysis and its solutions optimized for memories and ASICs at first, and for FPGAs and SOCs thereafter.

Thanks to the innovative ideas of Dr. Nicolaidis and his world-renowned research (we can mention, among other, the  TTTC (Test Technology Technical Committee of IEEE Computer Society) Lifetime Contribution Medal), iROC has been able to assert itself as a world leader in test and reliability solutions by offering a complete two-pronged solution, Software and Service, and thus helping two hundred semiconductor companies around the world to improve their products.

Indeed, the course of Dr Nicolaidis is exceptional. This can be illustrated by the following quotes:

  • He has written over 200 papers, with over 9500 citations, on DFT, online testing and design for reliability and has filed over 25 patents containing the technological core of IROC’s solutions.
  • Writing a book and several special issues of journals.
  • The reception of 2 “Best Paper Awards” at DATE and at VTS.
  • The receipt of the prize for the best intellectual property at DATE.
  • He received the Cisco Award in 2011.
  • He is program chair and General President of VTS and member of its Steering Committee.
  • Member of the ITC Steering Committee.
  • Founded the IOLTS and was its general co-president from 1995 to 2021.
  • Creation of IROC Technologies.
  • He was awarded the TTTC Lifetime Contribution Medal in 2021.